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Ref. No. Country Year Project Type Triflex System Special Benefit
CS021 Germany 2001 Silos Bitumen Application on top
CS023 UK 2005 Car park Concrete With standing chemicals
CS086 UK


School Concrete Withstand standing water
CS049 Germany 2007 Industril hall Bitumen Complicated connections and surfaces
CS026 Austria 2010 Water basin Bitumen Fastest possible repair 
CS101 Germany 2010 Wind turbine Concrete Resistance to high vibrations
CS009 UK 2011 Academy Single ply system Membrane failed after short time
CS084 UK 2013 School Timber Roof refurbishment
CS087 UK 2013 Hotel Asphalt Application on top
CS088 UK 2013 School Membrane Waterproofing fast and secure
CS100 Austria 2013 Weather station Concrete Working in extreme weather conditions
CS035 UK 2014 School Membrane Application on top
CS040 UK 2014 School Concrete Robust waterproofing and surfacing 
CS041 UK 2014 Residential building Concrete Blue roof construction
CS007 UK 2015 Carpark Concrete Urgent renovation
CS008 UK 2015 Store building Single-ply membrane Application on top
CS010 UK 2015 Housing estate Concrete Fast with no disturbance
CS050 UK 2015 Beach chalets walkways Concrete Walkways on new built chalets
CS060 UK 2016 Nursery Single-ply membrane Fast overlay solution required
CS065 China 2016 Private House Concrete Looking for years for the right solution
CS078 Germany 2016 Power plant Changing substrates Complex structures
CS013 UK 2017 Luxury residential estate Concrete Preventive waterproofing
CS057 UK 2017 School Concrete Fast solution and no hot works allowed
CS063 UK 2017 High-rise building  Concrete Cantilevered balconies
CS064 UK 2017 Multi-story carpark Membrane Application on top
CS069 UK 2017 School Concrete Fast solution and no hot works allowed
CS095 UK 2017 Commercial building Asphalt Refurbishment
CS102 UK 2017 Private House Cement Waterproofing a terrace
CS004 UK 2018 Student accomodation PU Coating Withstand standing water
CS005 UK 2018 Store building Asphalt Application on top
CS006 UK 2018 Multi-story carpark Concrete Crack-bridging
CS038 Netherlands 2018 Hotel Concrete Balconies and walkways
CS044 UK 2018 School Membrane No hot works allowed
CS045 UK 2018 Hotel Membrane Overlay of bituminous membrane
CS068 China 2018 Hotel Concrete Flat roof with finishing 
CS092 Netherlands 2018 Golf clubhouse Tiles Wide range of finish color
CS097 UK 2018 University building Single-ply membrane Work must be completed fast without fire
CS018 UK 2019 Luxury Apartment Complex Concrete Balconies of new construction
CS032 Singapore 2019 Bungalow Cement Canopies
CS043 UK 2019 Carpark Asphalt Failed asphalt car park overlay 
CS048 UK 2019 Airport Carpark Concrete Meeting strict performance criteria to EN 1504-2
CS075 UK 2019 Social housing blocks Changing substrates Wet-on-wet application process
CS076 UK 2019 Social housing Concrete Refurbishment of walkways
CS085 Ireland 2019 Parking house Aspalt Failed 4,200m²
CS089 China 2019 Private house Concrete Visual improvement of balcony
CS090 China 2019 Private house Concrete Visual improvement of balcony
CS096 China 2019 Private house Concrete Requirement to impose loads 
CS098 UK 2019 Parking deck Asphalt Top deck carpark refurbishment
CS015 UK 2020 Shopping ceter Single-ply membrane Application on top
CS047 UK 2020 Logistic Center Foamglas T3 Application on top

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